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Another Fall Project

In the two weeks since our last blog post we have had some truly beautiful weather. We have had no frost yet although we have had a couple of low temps in the thirties. The wide variation of temperatures continues; yesterday we were in the eighties again, then today just the sixties with a nice rain all day.

The trees around here are starting to color up.

The fields that were planted with wheat and rye two weeks ago are now carpeted in green.

Kevin was able to cross one thing off his "to do" list this weekend - he moved the summer coop. This little building was constructed on skids with the idea that it would be moved from place to place. The chickens would live in it in the summer and be moved to new pasture every now and then. That actually didn't work out so well as it is so heavy that none of the tractors we had at the time could move it! It has been useful as an alternative chicken coop but this fall will be re-purposed as a goat shed.

Kevin said Big White had to grunt a bit to get it moving!

The final placement is south of the winter coop. The windows face south to get the most heat from the sun. There will be fence panels installed to create an exercise paddock. Vinca and Tamarack will move in there when Birch joins the does in the barn in November. Later this will be where Birch and Tamarack spend the winter.

Speaking of Birch... this boy is in the mood! He is obnoxiously bucky and really really stinks!

The turkey youngsters have a new entertainment - jumping up on vehicles.

Some of the hens are heading for high places too.

And will just share a photo of more mushrooms from the woods - so pretty!

That is our farm update for today. I would imagine the next post will have a report of frost in it. Until next time, be well friends.

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Sep 23, 2021

Thanks for sharing!

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