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Goat Kids and Piglets Too!

I will open this post with a picture of Poppy's kids, buckling on the left, Vinca on the right.

Our last post was all about the conclusion of our kidding activities - we were very happy to have that over with and to be raising three bucklings and three doelings. Well.... I have to fess up to a little gender mix-up!

Daisy actually has two bucklings, not one buckling and one doeling. They are wonderful little guys but there unfortunately is no Buttercup among them! In my defense, I have been told by an actual scientist that this error sometimes happens to professionals too!

A word about the quality of the photos in the post - the goat photos are pretty bad! These kids are just NEVER still unless they are sleeping!!! Most of my pictures lately look like this! Out of focus, weird light and with goat poo prominently featured!

Anyway, all the kiddos are doing just fine. The doelings have had the disbudding procedure with really minimal fussing; they were back to playing with their brothers within minutes. All of them are gaining weight and rambunctiousness daily!

On Sunday (just yesterday) eight Mangalitsa piglets came to reside with us. They are pretty cute, as all piglets are, but these are especially adorable with their curly coats of hair. I also love those black noses!

Most people are not familiar with this breed. They originate from Hungary and it is said that they produce the world's best tasting pork! We will provide more information about the breed in future blog posts. For now, we are just tickled to have these cute little porkers!

With most of the snow finally melted, we got in a soggy walk in the woods yesterday. Hoover was especially happy about this!

I sure am looking forward to the delicate beauty of spring flowers and all the bright shades of green!

That is all for this time, it won't be too long before we are back with another update. Until then, be well friends!

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