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This soap bar looks very much like our Charcoal bar but the feel and scent are very different.  This soap contains activated charcoal and pumice sand to make it scrubby.  It is scented with Lemongrass, Lime and just a touch of Cedarwood essential oils so this is the bar to reach for when you've been working around the farm or garage - or perhaps out in the garden.  You will get your hands clean without excessive drying and take the stink off too!  Some of the soap is left without the charcoal to provide a swirl pattern - some bars have a little swirl, some have a lot so each bar is unique.


This soap is made with our standard recipe formulated for lots of creamy lathering.  The ingredients are coconut oil, lard, sunflower oil, olive oil, castor oil, goat’s milk, distilled water, sodium hydroxide (lye), sodium lactate, essential oils, activated charcoal and pumice sand.  Each bar weighs a minimum of 4 ounces.


Charcoal Scrub Soap

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