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Goat Kids Enjoying Spring

The nine baby goats that arrived on Easter day are growing quickly! They are three weeks old already!

This one is Poppy's doeling, Zinnia!

And this is Harebell, one of Daisy's doelings. We call her Bunny.

After some wet weather the kids got to their make their first explorations of the world outside of the barn. Here Buttercup, Daisy's other doeling takes her first steps outside!

And the race is on!

Checking out the stump playground!

They soon figure out what fun the stumps can be!

With four kids to feed, it seems like Daisy is never without one or two at the milk bar!

This old doghouse has been entertaining kids for years!

This little guy was trying to lay down on this small space! He found out that he is just too big for that already!

The does and kids are doing great and are a great source of joy to us.

We have a few other new babies here at Ole Lake Farm:

I haven't purchased chicks in many years but couldn't resist these Rhode Island Reds from Tractor Supply. Hopefully one of these six chicks will be our flock's rooster when he grows up.

With spring comes more outdoor activities for Kevin who has begun field preparations with the spreading of lime on the fields; Big White came out of hibernation and the manure spreader worked fine for this task.

Feeder pigs will soon be arriving and hopefully the hens will hatch more chicks for us.

Thank you for stopping by the blog. We'll be back soon with more farm updates. Until then, be well friends!

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