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60 Years of Marriage and Birch has a Bad Hair Day!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Last weekend family gathered to celebrate Ardis and Rollie's 60 years of marriage. It was great to visit with family we don't get to see very often. We enjoyed good food, reminiscing and a hay ride before it started raining.

Thank you Kori and Lori for the photos!

Most people reading this post will know that we have had some severe storms in our area. Many people lost big trees or have flooding so we can count ourselves as fortunate to have escaped any major damage. We are especially thankful that no goats were harmed when this happened -

This pasture shelter was in the back yard with the little lads living in it. It is not a lightweight structure. The two weanling wethers were in it when the wind flipped it up on it's back. With no where else to put them, they were more than happy to be moved back in with the does. They would have like to resume nursing but Daisy and Poppy are not allowing it so the arrangement continues.

We have also had some very hot, muggy temperatures and it was time for Birch to lose that shaggy coat. I have never used a clipper on any creature before so he looks pretty bad but he's not show goat so it really doesn't matter.

Before - you can tell by his body language that he is not thrilled.


He got the works - hoof, hair and horn trims.

The rain, hot weather and ferocious mosquitoes have kept the does in the barn almost all of the time lately. This Sunday was cool and windy so they ventured out and found out that while they have been lounging around in the barn, their favorite trees put out some more tasty leaves. Time to chow down!

I will close with a couple recent View from the Milking Stand photos - if you follow us on Facebook you will have seen them but here they are anyway! Thank you for stopping by the blog! Until next time, be well friends!

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