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A New Year

I shall begin once again with a view from the hayshed. A proper snowy view, not enough yet but there is more to come.

After a super-busy December, it's nice to slow down a little bit. The does have been dried off so chores do not take very long with no milking happening. Half of the pigs are gone now too, with the rest leaving this weekend.

The goats enjoy noshing on our Christmas tree and the unsold trees from the scout tree lot.

The above photo is Tamarack and his nephew. Things have changed in the bachelor pen too as the young lads have also left the farm to go to market.

Our new cats have settled into life in the shop. They have both had their vet visits and kitten prevention surgeries. Jazz's procedure has not slowed him down one bit.

As you can see Roye is getting used to them.

Mimsy is recovering more slowly and is resting a lot. She especially loves the window seat.

The shop is not a great place to get nice pictures, sorry about the messy backgrounds!

While not running non-stop like in December, we still have plenty to do this month. I am making soap - a lot of soap to replenish our depleted stock. This will continue using frozen milk from the freezer. Kevin is busy filling large flour orders for the Grand Rapids and Aitkin Farmers's Markets winter food boxes. The guys are also out in the woods whenever possible, cutting, hauling and splitting wood to keep our home fires burning!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read our farm blog! We wish you all a healthy and happy 2024. Be well friends!

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