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About the Tractors and a Doe Update!

Some people might say that a farm without a tractor is no farm at all. While that is certainly not true, the tractors on our farm make everything else possible. In this post we will tell you a little bit about each of the tractors that assist us with our work. If you are not a tractor enthusiast, stay with us, there will be a doe update at the end!

The Cub

Our 1948 Farmall Cub is a treasured family heirloom. In 1966 when the young couple Rollie and Ardis Flowers bought this farm, this diminutive tractor came with it.

The Cub comes in handy for all sorts of jobs from hauling small loads of wood to giving hayrides. Currently in the shop for repairs, the seat is a favorite resting spot for Jazz and Mimsy.

The Allis Chalmers W-Ds

Rollie likes this tractor so much he has three of them! Actually one of the three is a parts tractor but the other two are used almost daily, especially during woodcutting season. These tractors are 1950's models. We have them because we also have so much equipment that was designed to attach to them like moldboard plows, cultivators and the All-Crop combine.

In the photo above, Rollie deftly uses the front tires to roll the log to the spot he wants it to be.

The parts tractor originally belonged to Kevin's grandpa, Reuben; it migrated down the road to our place about 25 years ago.

The Massey

Kevin bought this tractor when we moved from the cities back to the farm. Massey Ferguson is a 1978 model and is useful for all sorts of tasks from tilling and plowing to pulling the baler to logging.

All hands on deck for baling hay - pictured above is Kori driving, Kevin and Kurt on the wagon. Below Ardis helps out with the driving too!

The picture above shows the logging winch attached to the back of Massey.

Big White

Sometimes a job requires a little more muscle. Big White answers the call. Although not large if measured against some modern gargantuan rigs, Big White surpasses all the other Ole Lake Farm tractors in size and horsepower (and noise!).

Big White is a 1984 model and its main purpose is pulling the disk for tilling and pulling the haybine for hay season. Big White is a diesel and gets to take winters off, tucked into the shed until it warms up.

Hope you enjoyed that little tractor synopsis! Now on to some goat picture. We are just about two weeks from kidding and bellies are big and udders are swelling!

We installed new light bulbs in the barn making the indoor photos much better!

Everyone has had their goat kibble and are enthusiastically digging into the hay.

As usual, Poppy is unhappy about the photo session.

Belle will probably be the first to kid. This will be her last kidding experience as we plan to retire her after this milking season.

Daisy won't be long after Belle. She's our most productive doe and we are looking forward to having fresh milk again and replenishing our cheese supply!

On some farms many does will have their first kids at one year of age: we prefer to wait. Vinca will be bred this fall. Her face doesn't much resemble her mamma's but her personality is just like Poppy's - even her snack preferences are the same!

Charming, playful and adorable, Bluebelle is almost one year old too. We will probably sell her someday but are in no hurry to part with her. She is hands down the most endearing doeling we have ever had!

Thank you for spending a few minutes with us! Our next post just might be about goat kids! Be well friends!

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I'm enjoying your blog too! Big White is amazing! I'd like to see a photo of the Cub next to Big White. Can't wait to see pictures of the new kids!


What a truly delightful blog. The photos, the text, the love. You guys ROCK!!!

Replying to

Awe, thank you Chip!😀

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