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A Turkey Tale - Chapter 2

I will begin this post with a turkey poult update. Our last post provided the news that they had hatched and had been moved from their nest on top of the straw stack to the floor. So, what happened next?

Well, this week has been a contest of wills between Peanut and ourselves and Peanut is winning. On Tuesday evening Peanut had the little ones (a total of five of them survived) out away from the house about a hundred yards or so. We went out and herded the little family back to the hayshed - catching and carrying the poults as they were so tiny and new that they were soon exhausted. Wednesday evening, same thing only they were further out. Very early Thursday morning we went out and put the little ones in a brooder ring - it's about 2 feet deep so they could not get out. We provided food and water of course and left them alone. Peanut stayed with them but did not jump into the ring with them. Thursday night got pretty chilly and still Peanut did not jump into that ring to warm them so on Friday morning we were forced to let them out so she could warm them up. Since then, Peanut has had her way, taking the poults out to the wheat field or up around the equipment and so far they are all okay. We don't see much of them.

Here is a view from the milking stand from Sunday morning.

And way out there... see that white spot? That's Peanut.

So I don't have any really good pictures of the poults. This is about it.

Yep, they're in there!

In other poultry news, the first batch of chicks has reached that rather unattractive stage - mostly feathers but they still have fuzzy heads.

And a new batch hatched on Friday - six of them. As usual, Mama Hen herds them away whenever I show up to try to get a cute photo!

I didn't mention the weather last post but it's been hot and dry. We are very much in need of rain. The fall planted wheat and rye actually look pretty good but the oats is very short and the hayfield is really suffering. This is the wheat.

So far the dry conditions have not prevented the wildflowers from blooming. Two of my favorites are iris and roses.

The big rose bush in the garden is really blooming too - and just buzzing with bees.

Hopefully we will have some rain to report next post, and possibly some pig news. Until then, be well friends!

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