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A Visit to Ole Lake

Mild weather continues - we have had some rain and still no frost. Many people are reveling in the warm weather but it just seems wrong to me. It's October, I should not still be picking tomatoes!

I have been wanting to get back to Ole Lake for a while now. I think it's been a couple of years since we've been back there. Kurt, Kori and I made an attempt last Sunday by heading out from behind the goat pasture but had to turn back - too wet.

This Sunday was a beautiful day for a hike.

We drove around to the back side of our property and went in that way following a logging road - Kevin, Kurt and me. As you can see from this satellite view (several years old) Ole Lake is not really a lake but a pothole surrounded by woods and tamarack bog.

As we made our way through the bog, I was fascinated by the mushrooms, the moss and the variety of plants we passed by. The pitcher plants were really fun to see.

These red berries are attached to the moss. Does that indicate there was some kind of flower there earlier in the season?

Some of the mushrooms we saw.

We finally got there. It is so peaceful out there. I was surprised that the tamaracks have not turned to gold yet.

Back near the farmyard, we found another really big mushroom. This is about 9 inches across!

Back to picking tomatoes, I wanted to share this plant. This is one plant! I am in the picture to give it some scale and I am holding a couple of it's fruit. They are small, gold and delicious. You don't see many tomatoes in picture because all the ripe ones are buried inside the tangle of foliage.

I need to work some critters into this post so here are some of the pigs.

They are getting pretty big but won't be ready to butcher until January or possibly even February so Kevin has expanded their quarters and moved one of the hog huts into the shed to provide extra protection from the elements.

And that concludes this post. Thank you for taking the time to read it; I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse of our farm's namesake, Ole Lake. Until next time, be well friends.

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