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April 25 2021 Farm Update

Goat kids are delightful; Spruce and Primrose are no exception! At two weeks old they are growing well and full of energy. They enjoy getting outside when the weather isn't disagreeable.

Spruce has continued his adventuring ways. He escaped the pen again and this time visited his papa Birch and Uncle Tamarack.

He got a cuddle from Kevin before returning to the barn. We have boarded up the gap under the hayshed wall so he won't be getting out that way any more!

Regarding disagreeable weather, we had a dusting of snow yesterday morning. It didn't last of course but it seems like this April has been on the wet and chilly side.

Rollie was out later that morning doing some plowing with Massey in the long field. He reports that some large rocks came up. We do not have many rocks here at Ole Lake Farm but a few come up in the long field every year.

Speaking of plowing, Kevin was off to a farm auction and came home with a bigger plow - this one is for Big White to pull when needed.

The same auction provided Rollie with another Allis Chalmers WD.

It looks very much like his other Allis Chalmers WD.

And what this one used to look like:

Am I right - doesn't having three of something make you a collector???

I did get a little garden time in this weekend. Mainly I am working on filling my garden circles (raised beds). I had three of these last year and have added three more. The rhubarb is well up; the peas have sprouted but are not out of the soil yet and the garlic is very satisfactory.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today. Until next time, be well friends!

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