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August begins

The wildfire smoke that covered a large portion of the country at times this week did not miss this little farm! The view from the milking stand records how it looked; it also smelled pretty bad at times.

The main story this week is that the rye was harvested. Some of it will be ground for animal feed, some will be replanted, and some will be ground for flour. Interest in our rye flour has increased this past year - many of our customers tell us about baking the bread of their immigrant ancestors - Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Latvian, German, Czech and more.

The chickens took a real interest in the unloading process.

The straw was baled up on Saturday. Next up will be the wheat.

The lad's paddock and house is moved weekly to fresh grass. Kevin uses Bob to move the gate panels, house and the unused grain wagon that provides both something to jump in and out of and another area of shade for them.

Birch and Tamarack love the new grass and willow brush.

A couple of the pigs managed an escape this week by burrowing under the fence. They didn't stray far and were soon restored to the pen. Dare we hope that is the only escape this bunch will make?

And that's it for this week! Thank you for stopping by the blog. Until next time, be well friends!

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