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August Ends

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Wow, it has been thirty days since our last post here! As you can imagine, there has been a lot of activity here at Ole Lake Farm.

We have some new hens, adopted from our neighbors. We have not had Buff Orpingtons in many years.

They sure are pretty. Kori calls them "Blondes". I call them "The Buffys".

The chicks are really growing - some are as big as their parents. It sure seems like there are a lot of cockerels out there!

Pancho announced that he is still the top dude by crowing from the top of the manure pile.

The pile is fully composted now so Rollie loaded and Kevin spread.

Almost all of the grain crops have been harvested. The wheat, rye and most of the oats are in.

Rollie operates the swather and after some drying time Kevin comes through with the combine.

The shed is getting pretty full with the hay and straw packed in there!

The sunflowers are on the small side this year but still delight our customers at the farmer's market.

The roses are blooming again - a last hurrah for summer.

The garlic matured later than last year but is now dug and is drying in the garage. The bulbs look great but the quantity was lower than desirable. I will be replanting almost all of it in October.

Our patience is also rewarded with plenty of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers from the garden.

A sure sign of the coming fall, Birch has that special aroma about him again. In other words, he stinks!

The does are oblivious to his charms so far. Here they enjoy some fresh leaves when I pulled the branches down where they can reach them.

Once again, my photography skills are lacking - a photo bomb by my finger in what could have been a cute shot of the little lads.

They are getting bigger of course. You might be wondering what the plan is for them. They will be moving on soon as market goats - that means they will be sold for meat.

Our last post alluded to a goat related construction project. It's slow going with the harvest and all but our new milking room has been framed up by Rollie. We are so grateful for his help!

I will try not to wait so long with the next post - until then be well friends!

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