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August Flowers

I love sunflowers!

We've had sunflowers blooming now for almost a month and the field is having it's last hurrah.

We've taken them to the the market the last three weeks and always sell out. I love how they make people smile, especially the kids!

I saw another flower this weekend - a wild aster as Hoover and I were out walking.

I always think of asters as fall flowers... I guess with Labor Day just three weeks away, we are on the steep downhill slope of summer now.

This is going to be a pretty short post as there isn't too much going on here at the farm now that the harvest is in - not that we aren't busy of course! Today I was off work (I usually am on Mondays in the summer) so I made a batch of soap, a batch of lotion, did some laundry and other house chores, picked beans and harvested a few spuds.

We are also eating beans and cucumbers, a few tomatoes and have had couple of peppers. The pie pumpkins are coming along nicely.

Isn't that a neat texture pattern on the pumpkin? I think so anyway.

Next week I should have a new addition to the goat herd to introduce. Until then, be well folks.

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