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Chicks and Pigs

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Our last post included a little detail of what was going on in the chicken coop with Mamma Hens Two and Three. They had chicks hatch at the same time causing much consternation and confusion. Well, this is how that bunch turned out:

Mamma Hen Two, who I now refer to as Two-Point-Three ended up with all nine of the chicks. Meanwhile, Mamma Hen Four has hatched out a disappointing three live chicks.

Mamma Hen One's batch are really getting big - they are at that ugly stage now.

Mamma Hen 5 has chicks due in about 2 1/2 weeks and that should be all for this year (I think).

Feeder pigs are in short supply in our area and our favorite piglet purveyor had what amounted to a crop failure. We consider ourselves fortunate to get these two.

The spotted one was a bottle baby that was raised by a house full of kids for the first several weeks - it is very tame. The red one isn't so much but is warming up to Kevin quickly. They love the fresh goat's milk they are getting twice a day!

The grain is up including some sunflowers and the corn which went in rather late due to the wet weather. We are in for some heat now so it should really get going.

The sunflowers are inter-planted with oats - something we are trying out.

Rollie cultivated the corn for the first time today.

The rye is looking good - heading out.

We don't have much for ornamentals around here due to our busy lives but I do enjoy the lilacs! They are about done now but the roses are about to burst into bloom.

And the big news... If you follow our farm on Facebook you know this already. I have given notice at my county job so I can devote myself to the farm business. It's really exciting and a little scary but we feel this is the right move for us. I won't be done at my job for a few weeks yet but some of our farmer friends surprised me with a certificate at a recent get-together.

I will close with an updated View from the Milking Stand - I love the many shades of green! Until our next post, be well friends!

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