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Doe Update

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The view from the milking stand is still pretty snowy but it's going fast!

I only have a couple of doe photos for this post - when we went out to take pictures on sunny Saturday, Belle decided that Kori was a stranger and she was NOT coming out of her comfort zone - the unfortunately shadowy doe pen.

Daisy had no qualms about coming out to show off her swollen abdomen. I believe she will be the first to kid and is about two weeks out now. You can see Poppy's gently rounded tummy in the background there and the goat behind Daisy is Tamarack.

Poppy is like one of those beautiful slim women who barely show their pregnancies (I was not one of those!). Of course I have to wonder if she is even pregnant at all and Kevin reminds me that it was just like this last year when she delivered beautiful twins.

I hope to get a good picture of Belle - maybe next weekend. She is looking a bit bigger than Daisy to my eye. Hopefully there aren't triplets in there! We are really looking forward to having kids around again - they are so fun! Naturally I have a little anxiety too regarding the kidding process. Hopefully it will be as trouble free as last year.

Wood working is winding down due to the wet and muddy conditions in the woods. Kevin did get a new tool recently. This is a winch mounted on the back of Massey and will be a really big help accessing trees that the guys cannot get close enough to with the tractor or Bob(cat).

Remember the big oak tree that was cut down a couple of posts ago? As one might expect from a tree that was used by multiple generations for a favored deer stand, it was full of nails. Here is a cross section. That dark spot is where there is a nail. Notice how deep in there it is? Kevin reports that he went through five chain saw blades the day he cut this tree up.

And here is a split section, again you see the dark grey staining from the nails and and how deep in they are - about 5 inches.

Thank you for stopping by our blog once again. We will have some spring babies to show you soon! Until then, be safe and be well friends!

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