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Early June Farm Update

Greetings! It's been a bit longer between posts that I had hoped for but farm life has been pretty busy.

Farmers Market season has begun. We are regulars at the Aitkin Farmers Market and this year we had a big change. The market moved from one end of town to the other which required a lot of planning by the market board, which I am a part of. Everything has gone well and as a vendor we are experiencing very good sales at the new location. Here is our latest set-up.

Our tent casts a pinkish hue over everything. If you are planning on getting one for this purpose, I do not recommend red!

The goat kids are getting so big! Most of them are friendly little creatures who demand our attention. Poppy's kids are more shy and not so approachable although her buckling is warming up to us. This is not surprising since Poppy herself can be described that way as well.

We took the plunge and purchased a milking machine. It is mounted in the milking room but we have not used it yet. To get the does used to the noise of it, I run it for a moment while each doe is being milked. I have to admit, it's a little intimidating to me but hopefully once we actually begin all will be well.

We have our first batch of baby chicks - one of the buffy's has hatched out six lovely chicks. Sadly, we lost one of the buff colored ones today - the others are quite robust though.

Two more hens are patiently setting so there will be more soon.

We have had some piggy adventures since the last post. I don't have any photos of the escapades but the lesson learned was that we needed a more powerful electric fencer. They are currently being re-trained to the electric wire.

The heirloom cornmeal corn is planted and is up - we sure could use some rain though.

I haven't finished getting the garden planted yet, I am terribly tardy with that but I am determined not to fret about it. I do have some spectacular weeds out there!

And the asparagus harvest has been great!

And that's the story for this time. Thank you for stopping by the blog! Until next time, be well friends!

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