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End of June Updates

This week’s post was going to be about hay and/or pigs but neither one of those things happened this week so… you get a few bits and pieces of other things.

I will begin with an updated View From the Milking Stand – as you can see the grain is maturing out there, subtly changing from green toward gold.

From the poultry department – Peanut has decided it is time to bring the poults a little closer to home. She still has three of them and the little family comes up to the coop to eat a couple of times a day. Peanut quickly hustles the poults away whenever we come near of course so we try not to bother them if we can help it.

In the coop, another hen has a new family but only one chick hatched! One! As usual, she is not letting me get too close so I only have some not-so-great photos. This one is from Friday.

I did a little better today. For some reason, most of the pictures that I take of this particular hen and her little one come out like this.

It's like she is in some kind of witness protection program. I did finally get one that is a little better.

Out in the garden I picked the first peas and as expected, the pumpkin/squash circle is starting to boil over.

And the melons are blooming.

Scruff, the questionably feral cat has been making some appearances lately but he/she is pretty camera shy.

It rained a bit so no more hay was put up. In the little field in front of the house Kevin has some barley planted and there is a pretty bad mustard problem there. Mustard looks pretty but is very undesirable. He’s not sure if it will help or not but he set the haybine to cut high and mowed it off. Now we will just wait and see what happens with it. If we get more rain maybe the barley can get ahead of it.



I will close with a kids pic – Primrose and Spruce having some fun playing on the old doghouses. She is much more daring than he is!

Until next time (when there hopefully will be some pig news), be well friends.

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