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Entering May

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

I have a brief update on farm happenings; brief because there just isn't too much going on!

Local readers know all about the less than stellar weather that we have been having. Last weekend was pretty drizzly and this one downright rainy.

Despite the dampness, both the coop and the barn got cleaned out last weekend. The does and kids were lured outside with a squash to nibble and Kevin and Rollie got to work.

The result - a steaming pile of composting chicken, pig and goat bedding.

The goats spend most of their time indoors because they do enjoy their creature comforts. Kevin re-built the spool tables which were deteriorating. All of the goats, old and young, enjoy jumping up. Here the three doelings were posing - Aster, Lavender and Lilac. Thanks for the picture Kori!

For the kids, under the low spool-table is a favorite napping spot.

We have our first broody hen - one week down, two to go! One or two of her sister hens will be joining her next weekend.

You may recall that we adopted two cats to live in our shop - that was back in December. Luna is doing great but Waffle really did not take to life out there and she has now moved into the house.

And that is about it. No planting, no gardening - I haven't even opened up the greenhouse yet. Not that we are just sitting around of course - we are getting ready for our first farmer's market of the season on Saturday - the weather actually looks good!

Thank you for stopping by the blog. Until next time, be well friends!

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