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Fall Fell Hard

Since my last post on Labor Day two weeks ago, we have had several nights with significant frost followed by some warmer weather - typical! The garden is toast and the garage full of tomatoes in various stages of ripening.

Kevin and Rollie got the wheat planted last weekend and it has been greening up the field quickly. Here is what the view from the milking stand looks like today:

On Saturday, just two days ago the wheat was just barely visible as a green sheen on the field.

These pictures were taken in the afternoon of course. The view from the the milking stand in the morning is just blackness now!

Yesterday I picked most of the squash. Most of these came not from the garden but from the composting manure pile where I stuck my extra plants. There are a bunch more already in the garage. The butternut are not completely ripe - not sure if they will ripen more or not. If they don't, the chickens and pigs will probably get them. That one is the biggest butternut I have ever seen!

Overnight it seems the corn plants dried. The corn is drying on the stalks and soon we will be harvesting it. Can't wait for the cornmeal!

We introduced our new cat Rusty last post - he's spending more time in the house now but prefers to go back to the garage at night.

Thank you for stopping by the blog - I will be back with another update in a couple of weeks. Until then, be well friends!

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