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Finally Feels Like Fall!

As the days and weeks passed with no frost and with sunny warm days, Kevin and I experienced a growing sense of unease. Other folks said "just enjoy it" referring to the warm days, ripe tomatoes and blooming flowers. We did, sort of, but when the frost and freezing temperatures finally arrived it seemed like the world righted itself just a little.

This post is going to be a little of this and that - here goes!

I begin with the view from the milking stand:

The pigs will be with us for another couple of months so Kevin has made them more comfortable accommodations - a shed within a shed.

Adris and Rollie hosted a Falk get-together on the 16th. It was a very good day to visit and catch up a little bit. A highlight was a hay-ride. Kevin brought the large low trailer down to the North House and picked up everyone who wanted to go. It was really a beautiful day and the woods were lovely!

I harvested the pumpkins and squash from the garden. The striped pumpkins are Kakai Hulless Pumpkins.

Hulless pumpkins are the kind of pumpkins grown for pepitas and pumpkin seed oil. I have only opened up one so far. The seeds were soaked in salt water to remove their bitter coating then dried. Very tasty! I also plan to roast some too.

The lads have also moved to their winter quarters. The Summer Coop has been transformed and rechristened The Bachelor Pad. Out with the roosts and nests, in with the wet bar, hot tub and big screen TV!

As you can see in the photo, Birch and Tamarack have a choice of shelters. The small three-sided shelter is open to south and deeply bedded with straw - a great place to snooze in the sun. The Pad is fully enclosed and will offer better protection for them during nasty weather.

Kurt, Kori and I ventured out to Ole Lake again on Sunday to see if the tamaracks had colored up. Once again I enjoyed seeing all the little bog plants as we carefully picked our way through. The pitcher plants have turned red.

I don't know what these tiny viney plants are but I like how they look. Mother Nature is an amazing garden designer!

And Ole Lake was beautiful and peaceful.

This is a view away from the lake back through the bog to the woods.

Deer hunting season approaches. The blinds and stands are ready - hopefully the deer will cooperate. We are not seeing many of them as of late.

The last thing I will share is kind of cute. This hen shows up at milking time - she raids Roye's milk bowl and tries to get some of Vinca's grain. Usually she is sent packing but this time Vinca decided to share!

Thank you for stopping by the blog. Until next time, be well friends!

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