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Forest and Fields

The mosquitoes are out so Hoover and I won't be walking the woods too much longer! While battling the beasts the last couple of days I did enjoy more woodland wildflowers.

It is very dry. We had a little shower on Friday and the oats responded by leaping out of the soil.

Thank goodness more rain is predicted for later in the week.

Kevin and Rollie had a messy job yesterday. We had a couple tons of bio char to spread on the small area north of the house. That field was fallow last year and is the same place that the manure was spread; it will be our corn patch. The bio char was very fine and although the day was relatively calm, it blew around a bit.

The guys wore masks (no trouble finding those!) and resembled coal miners by the time they were done.

Today Rollie plowed the area and soon it will be disced up to be ready to plant.

In the coop we have a new batch of chicks - seven of the ten eggs I gave this hen hatched. One of the chicks looks a little weak to me so I don't know if it is going to make it. The other six are pretty lively!

Speaking of eggs - we found our turkey hen Peanut's nest.

A few days later she began setting. It's not exactly in a great place!

We are back to the farmer's market for another season. It's nice to see our regular customers again.

Nothing much new with goats but I will close with a photo of Poppy and the kids - just because they are cute!

Thanks for stopping by the blog! See you next time and until then, be well friends!

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I meant yellow one called?


I love your new blog I recognize the flowers but what it the yellow items called?

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