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Guest Post - Here Piggy Piggy Piggy, by Ardis Flowers

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Ardis Flowers, matriarch of this branch of the Flowers family. As always, we are so grateful for the endless hours of help we received from Ardis and Rollie (AKA Sidekick), practically on a daily basis! The events described took place Friday morning. The pigs were due to be moved to a new piece of ground, having completely plowed up the piece they had. They didn't wait but took matters into their own hooves and burrowed out after after Kevin and had left for work.

Don’t you just love pigs – I do. Pork chops, pork roast, bacon, BBQ ribs!

There are six of them: Blackey, Big Red and four with spots.

A phone call (from grandson Kurt) saying “The pigs are out and I’m on my way to work!” woke me up this morning. Of course my sidekick was up and said “we’ll handle it”.

After a half hour and no word from sidekick I went to investigate.

Can you herd a pig? NO! Will they follow you? For a short way and then they are off to the road, the field and the woods. Three were on the road (township road), a couple were rutting in the chicken yard, and who knows where the other one was.

They seemed to like me at first. One on each side of me and one between my legs as I tried to coax them to the pen.

On no, that would only work for a little while when they saw Big Red digging elsewhere. For two and a half hours we watched so they stayed close to the buildings.

Ah ha, four are close to the goat pen, but where is Blackey and the other spotted one? We finally got a chunk of snow fence around five of them, but where is Big Red? Over by the hen house wallowing in the mud. “Watch them as I round up Big Red!”

Oh good, got Big Red in the gate to the goat pen. Now to HERD the other 5 into the goat pen too. YES! All are contained in the goat pen and hoping there is no escape route out of there. Watch and wait.

At 12:00 we sat down to rest and relax. Sidekick says “We need a burger from the Glen Grill. I’ll watch this bunch of pork chops while you go.”

Happy porkers in their moved paddock.

Thank you for stopping by the blog - please come back next week for another farm update - hopefully without escaped pigs in it! Until then, be well friends!

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