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Happy Labor Day!

It's been two weeks since the last post here - this time of year I think every two weeks is good. Since that last post, it feels like summer ended and fall began - just like that.

We have a new furry resident to introduce. Meet Rusty!

Rusty is two or three years old. He's actually been around for about a month but the first few weeks were kind of rough. He didn't work out in the house right away as he was rather threatening to Spot and weighs at least twice what she does. We installed him in the shop with the intent of keeping him in for at least a week before letting him roam around the farm. He was an indoor/outdoor cat at his former home. Unfortunately he escaped from the shop and we thought he was gone - no sight of him for days. Then he turned up at the North House (that is Ardis and Rollie's house) which is about a quarter of a mile away. He stuck around there for a couple of weeks until Rollie brought him back here. He's been living in the garage for a week now with field trips into the house to ease him into Spot's life. I think it's going to work, although Hoover is quite sure he is a trespasser. Hoover will just have to get over it - we like Rusty!

Kevin and Rollie have been doing fall field work - plowing, discing, planting. This little field, known as Kori's Field (because her deer stand is there) is planted in rye now.

The pigs are munching their way through the sunflower patch. They had no interest in eating them earlier when they were blooming and pretty - now that the seeds are mature they are finding them very tasty!

I found one last late sunflower - the rest are done. The roses out in the corners of the garden are still blooming nicely.

I am still enjoying the wildflowers along the road too - asters, Brown-eyed Susans, even the ragweed in the ditch.

This is just something that I find interesting - the hornets (or are they wasps???) have some interesting architecture going on here on the old doghouse.

We have a frost advisory for tonight so I picked almost all of the tomatoes, even the green ones. I have covers on the strawbales that have the peppers, cukes, and melons. We'll see how it goes!

So once again I will thank you for reading our blog. Stop by again in a couple of weeks. Until then, be well friends!

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