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Happy New Year!!

It seems like a good time to post a farm update!

The view from the milking stand is very snowy. It's very overcast today so my photos are not bright.

We had a fresh 6 or so inches Wednesday night. Hoover and I ventured out to woods this morning with no truck or tractor tracks to break our trail - just one deer had passed that way.

It was quite a workout! We seldom see deer since we are so noisy but could plainly see where they had been.

Hoover never tires of heading out for walks. There is just so much to interest a dog - even under the snow.

Some goat rearrangements have been made. Birch has moved back to his bachelor pad and has been joined by Maggie and Elsie from Maple Ridge Farm. They have one of the unsold Christmas trees from the Scout lot to nibble on.

In the barn, the other goats have been working on one too. Apparently the bark is the tasty part!

Peanut and Big Tom are spending the winter in the Summer Coop. When the weather got cold they had moved into the Winter Coop with the chickens. The lights being on from 5:30 AM to about 9:00 PM to encourage the hens to lay also had the same effect on Peanut. This was not desirable so we moved the turkeys out. Peanut seems to have stopped laying again and hopefully will not resume until spring when it is time for her to set and raise some poults.

Perhaps not exciting to anyone but me - the compost pile. It's cooking under there and melting off the snow. It's a promise of spring and gardens to come that I never get tired of!

On this date one year ago, we had no idea what a strange, tragic, weird year 2020 would be. Hopefully 2021 will include a return to some things we are missing - going to sports games, dining out now and then, visiting family and friends in person without worry, a farmer's market without masks...

We wish you all a healthy, happy and prosperous year. Until our next post, be well friends.

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