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Harvest and Hickory Moving On

I am please to announce that there were no pig escapes this week!

The wheat has been harvested - the yield was not as much as we had hoped for but definitely surpassed last year so that is a plus.

Next up for the guys is the oats. First Rollie went out to the field to cut it with the swather. Turns out that the oats are so short that the swather was just not effective even on it's lowest setting.

The old AllCrop combine was able to straight combine it anyway.

I've been harvesting in the garden too. I dug the garlic last Sunday - this is some of it:

It's been curing in the garage for a week now and today I began brushing off the loose dirt and trimming the roots before hanging it from the rafters. After another week or two of curing I will begin a final cleaning. Most of this harvest will be saved and replanted but some will be sold.

You may remember that Hickory visited another farm earlier this summer for a visit with a pretty doe named Delilah. It seems the visit was successful and there will be a fall kiddo or two at that farm. Farmer Bonnie liked Hickory's sweet disposition so much that he is making a permanent move to that farm. He made the short trip in the back of Bonnie and Duane's pickup. Bonnie and I were apprehensive about this mode of transport but he was double cross tied and they drive slowly on back roads to get him home. Bonnie later reported that he did fine and laid down in the straw about halfway there.

Thank you for visiting our blog! Stop by next week to see what is new. Until then, be well friends.

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