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It's Hot Again!

Ole Lake Farm got some much needed rain this week; it came as a thunderstorm and we got close to 1.5 inches. The corn was knocked about a bit by the wind but we think it will be ok. The humidity broke for a day but now we are back to hot and humid - we saw 95 degrees today.

A handful of sunflowers are blooming in the field, hopefully there will be enough blooming Friday evening so that I can cut them for the market - folks have been asking for them.

Another new item for the farmer's market is garlic. We have quite a bit and I have only just begun cleaning it but will have some to take Saturday - this is always a popular item. It's really awesome stuff.

The raspberries are abundant. I am not a jam maker so we (well mostly me) have been eating them and I did get some in the freezer.

The grain harvest will begin this week. The Behemoth has been cleaned and readied and now seems poised to leap from the shed like a horse from a starting gate.

And that is about all I have for this post. Thank you for reading it and until next time, be well friends!

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