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January Woodwork, Chicken and Goat Update

The main story around here is still snow.

The picture above is the deep snow in the back yard of The North House. Rollie feeds the birds regularly and yes, those are pheasants. If you have been reading our blog for a while, you might remember that six hen pheasants showed up there over a year ago. These two are what is left but they have been joined by a rooster pheasant from somewhere! Sadly, he did not appear when I was taking pictures on Christmas day.

Out in the woods, the logging roads have high snowbanks.

The fields are beautiful under their blanket of snow. Kurt waded in yesterday - knee deep and then some.

The crew is busy with cutting firewood. Kevin cuts, Rollie pulls the trees out to a work area.

Once there, Kurt trims off limbs and piles up the logs and brush piles. The logs will later be chunked up and some will be split.

If you are a regular blog reader, you are familiar with the story of the fall chicks. At 10 weeks old and fully feathered, they should be independent from their mama. Not these chicks, they still hang out with their foster mom Rocky! Here they are taking a dust bath together in the woodshed.

And at night, both moms help keep them warm on the roost.

Birch has moved out of the doe pen to his winter quarters. Maggie and Elsie from Maple Ridge Produce have joined him for their annual "retreat" at boyfriend camp.

They enjoyed nibbling on our Christmas tree, the bark is very tasty if you are a goat!

Tamarack initially went with Birch but after a couple of days has moved back in with our does for a while.

I am keeping busy with updating our website, making soap and doing various record keeping tasks. We have our first vending event of 2023 coming up next Saturday - locals take note, we will be at the Cuyuna Range Farmers Market in Crosby from 11 AM to 3 PM - indoors at the Cuyuna Range Youth Center.

Thank you for stopping by our blog today, until next time, be well friends!

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Chip Borkenhagen
Chip Borkenhagen
27 mar 2023

Love this blog!

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