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July Heat

Welcome to the brand new Ole Lake Farm website! We will be blogging here from now on.

It's been hot and humid here, as it is in many other parts of the country. We are running a lot of water to keep the garden and animals hydrated.

The does spend most of their time indoors - out of the sun and the flies aren't so bad.

The last of the hay was baled up on Saturday - it's always hot for haying! Kevin had the assistance of both Ardis and Kori this time.

The last time I shared a View from the Milking Stand was about a month ago on June 8 - I was enjoying all the green - here it is again:

This new View is from yesterday - a lot of changes! The wheat field out there is getting golden and the old coopyard fence has been removed. The pigs are busily landscaping the area for us!

And can you believe how big the turkey poults are? That's Peanut in the middle with a poult on each side - both are male.

The corn is really happy with the heat. This is our cornmeal crop and it's looking better than it has in years.

We have a new batch of baby chicks this week - cute little fluffballs.

And that is our farm update for this week. Thank you for visiting our new web page! Be well friends!

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