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July's End, Chicks Growing Up

Although there are a couple of hens in the coop who would like to be brooding eggs, we have only allowed three batches of chicks this year. Batch #1 started with 7 chicks. Two were lost to the dog attack but the 5 survivors are doing well. It looks like we have 4 pullets and 1 cockerel from that bunch. They are completely independent of their mama and look much like the rest of the flock but smaller.

Batch 2 chicks are in that gangling stage; sometimes they are with their mama, sometimes not. I observed one emerge from under the pine trees today with a huge caterpillar; not sure how it planned to get that down!

Batch 3 chicks are almost fully feathered but still pretty cute and hang close to their mama who is quite protective of them.

Out in the garden, I have been pretty happy with a new lettuce this year called Jericho. I had some in a pot in part sun with afternoon shade and some under a shade cloth in an old water tank. Although it's starting to bolt now, it's not bitter at all. Considering the heat we have had I would say this lettuce is a winner. There are baby lettuces growing from the stumps in the pot so I will be enjoying more lettuce from those plants without having to replant.

The cornmeal corn is unfazed by the storms and continues to please. We can see nice cobs forming now.

Outside of the garden, the extra squash plants that I tucked into the manure pile and then ignored look great, much better than the ones in the garden.

The grain wasn't quite ready this week but the guys had the equipment out to make sure everything is in running order. They will be using the swather to cut the wheat before combining.

And the behemoth is ready to roll.

I will close with this lovely little flower - the arrowhead plants in the wet ditches are blooming.

Thanks for stopping by the blog - until next time, be well friends!

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