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Just Waiting on Spring

Wow, it's been a month since our last blog post - it seems like the only thing that's been going on here is snow! That is not really the case of course, I've actually been very busy making products, vending at indoor events and planning for more spring and summer markets.

Hopefully that will soon be behind us. Our temps are definitely warming up now; we actually have some gravel showing on our road and some serious melting is going on!

And we all are appreciating the increased daylight! The hens have responded with many more eggs.

Back to dust bathing in the woodshed after a storm.

Last week we took a little road trip to visit a young farm couple and their pigs. Their Mangalitsa piglets are adorable and the mamma pig was formidable in appearance but didn't seem aggressive. Eight (yes eight!) of these little creatures will be moving to our place in a few weeks.

This uncommon breed of pig is pretty interesting. Originally from Hungary, they are different in appearance from most pigs in that they have a hairy, sometimes curly coat. The flavor of their meat is also said to be amazing, much more flavorful that the bland, "other white meat" pork that comes from the grocery store. Mangalitsas are especially suited to being raised on pasture and love to forage.

Out in the doe pen, bellies are getting rounder. I believe Belle to be due April 7 which just happens to be daughter Kori's birthday. Poppy and Daisy should follow in short order. Will it really happen that way?

Belle's not telling!

(notice the egg in the picture above?)

Poppy is a little skeptical...

And Daisy just doesn't care as long as the treats keep coming!

Thank you for stopping by the blog for a farm update. The next post will come a little sooner and I am looking forward to sharing some baby goat news! Until then, be well friends!

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