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Kids, Pigs and Chicks

Hello all!

We sure do need some rain around here. Despite the dry conditions though, the wildflowers are flourishing!

Out in the garden, the roses are well established and deep rooted - the flowers are abundant this year.

Seems like I can't go to the garden without Rusty to keep me company.

The tomatoes are coming along, despite being planted late.

The garlic seems to be doing ok despite the lack of rain. On this end, the plants mulched with wild rice hulls are doing well and don't have the volunteer grain growing with them that the plants with straw mulch have. This fall we will just use all wild rice hulls to mulch.

The pigs have been moved to new ground many times since their arrival. Yesterday (Father's Day) was their longest move so far, about a hundred yards or so from last year's sunflower plot to a turf area up the hill.

They went right to work.

They were attracted first to the softer, more moist (or just less dry) soil under this old straw. This was an area where Birch and Tamarack were housed last year.

They are amazing earth movers.

The two hens that were setting have hatched a total of nine chicks . They all hatched at the same time and the chicks co-mingled. The two mammas squawk at each other and generally one hen ends up with six of the chicks while the other hen gets three. There are six black chicks, two tannish and one that is a creamy white - I think it must be from one of the Buff Orpingtons.

It's weaning time - the kids were moved out of the barn to live in the old summer coop for the duration. They alternate between munching on the tall weeds and grass and yelling loudly for their mammas. It's a tough time for them but things will settle down in a few days.

Left to right, one of Daisy's lads, then Belle's lad and Bluebell. Next is Daisy's other lad, then Vinca and her brother. An unhappy lot but they did like the Cheerios that I brought for treats.

Thank you for reading our blog today! If you know of anyone else who would enjoy a little slice of farm life now and then, please share!

Until next time, be well friends!

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