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Memorial Day 2021

Memorial Day weekend was pretty much back to "normal" in our part of the world. In town, the American Legion and VFW held the traditional service to honor those who gave their lives in service to our country. Last year this could not be done.

Here on the farm, Peanut is still patiently incubating her eggs. I believe she has just one week to go - turkey eggs incubate for twenty-eight days.

We had been waiting for an chance to catch Peanut off the nest and finally got the opportunity yesterday. Egg count is nine. We stuffed as much straw as we could between the nest and the back wall of the hay shed. There was a gap there that the little poults could fall down and never get out of. I feel a little better about her situation now.

The baby chicks are growing very quickly and have quite a few feathers now. Though not all are in the photo, there are still seven of them.

One of Kevin and Rollie's projects for the weekend was getting the cultivator mounted on the newest of the WD's. It is now ready to cultivate the corn.

The up and down weather of May continued right to the end. We had frost two mornings - 28 degrees on Friday morning and 27 on Saturday morning. The only really sensitive thing I had in the garden so far was the cucumbers and they were pretty easy to cover. A few more things were planted yesterday and today - squash, pumpkin, melon and pepper plants were put in. I haven't gotten to the tomatoes yet.

Birch and Tamarack got their little paddock and shelter moved again - Yay, new grass! This time this old flow box wagon is in their area so they can shade beside it or just jump in and out of it for fun.

I will close with a picture of Daisy modeling the latest in accessories. Most any goat owner will tell you, if there is a way to get in trouble, a goat will find it.

Thanks for stopping by the blog! Until next time, be well friends.

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