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Mid-July Update

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

July 13th already - this summer is just flying by! I thought it was about time to get another post done.

Since our last post at the end of June, it's been on and off-again rainy but Kevin did manage to get some of the hay put up. The yield is much better than last year when it was so dry.

Mamma Hen 5 hatched out six lovely chicks although one did not make it.

The older chicks are all doing well and the pigs are growing rapidly - they sure do love goat's milk!

I couldn't get them to hold still for a decent photo so this will have to do.

The garden is looking pretty good although kind of weedy in some areas. Like last year, much of it is in raised garden circles or large pots.

The tomatoes are in the ground - they just seem to do better that way - and this year I planted a short row of carrots too. I haven't grown carrots in years - they just have never done very well for me but I am trying it again. You can see in the picture a shade-cloth covered tomato cage that I have laying down along the row - that is another bunch of carrots that I just planted.

Luna likes to join me in the garden. Like the pigs, she doesn't hold still for a picture!

Thank you for stopping by the blog. Until next time, be well friends!

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