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More Birth Announcements!

And just like that, our 2023 kidding season is complete!

Daisy (who had triplets last year) gave birth to two kids, a doeling and a buckling yesterday without the drama of her sister Belle's deliveries - and thank goodness for that!

Both kids presented with front feet followed by nose (normal presentation) with only a little gentle pulling assistance from me. I didn't get many decent pictures at the time (many fuzzy ones!) but in this one the buckling is standing up and the doeling is the one laying down. Her name is Buttercup and we may be keeping her!

Today it was Poppy's turn. I managed to get more pictures.

First up was an adorable doeling - I am so excited about this little one. I have named her Vinca after her granny goat and we will be keeping her.

It took a while for Poppy to start pushing out baby number two. I did assist this buckling out with some gentle pulling.

We always make sure our kids get a good suck at their mother's udder before we leave the barn. A lot of times we help them get the right idea - which direction the spigots are and sometimes holding them in position. None of that was needed for baby Vinca, I have never had a kid up and nursing so fast!

How cute are these two!

The bucklings do not have names - we call them Belle's lad, Daisy's lad and Poppy's lad. Their destiny is almost certainly as market goats - meaning they will be sold for meat so we do not name them and try not to get attached.

So that is our good news for today! I will be posting on this blog more frequently now with more kid pictures to share. Until the next post, be well friends!

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