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Mostly A Closer Look At The Pigs

The view from the milking stand was foggy this morning.

Kevin is off to camp with the scouts this week and I am "vacationing" at home. Naturally I have a long list of things that I hope to accomplish. I will probably actually complete half of the list.

Digging the garlic is one of those tasks. It's about three weeks earlier than when I harvested it last year but going by how brown the leaves are getting, it is time. Here is what I have so far.

That's about a third of the total patch. I like to lay it out to dry a bit before hanging it for further curing but I am already running out of room so will have to figure something else out.

Also of note, I picked the last peas and the first raspberries and cucumbers this week.

Not on the "to do" list specifically, but something I did want to get done was to get some better pictures of the new pigs.

They've been busy rooting up their pen, carefully excavating around each of the burdock plants.

I found a few "treasures" that they have dug up - this is the most interesting:

Wonder who lost that?

The pigs are a mixture of breeds including about 50% Large Black. Not a very imaginative name for an interesting breed of pig! The Livestock Conservancy website says "the breed was selected for large size and efficiency of production on pasture and other forages" and "Lop ears fall forward over its face, and while they are an impediment to sight, they protect the eyes from damage while the pig is rooting and foraging". One of ours definitely displays those ears!

In other news, Primrose and Spruce left for their new home today. I was so happy to send them off with a family with several children where they will get a lot of attention. I had planned to get a picture or two but we got busy and that did not happen. It's always a bittersweet occasion when the kids move on to new pastures but we just cannot keep them all- we would have a LOT of mouths to feed if we didn't let them go.

Next week I will have to fill you in on how milking Poppy is going. Until then, be well friends.

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