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Mostly About Goats

This post could have been about Spring firsts - there are so many first things to delight a person in the spring - first ducks seen, first frogs heard, first robin spotted hopping about on the lawn - and on and on. Besides those things, the excitement of the wheat field greening up and the garlic leaping out of the ground could have been reported on. And how is Kevin progressing after his ankle surgery? Maybe next week - this post is about goats.

In the space of 24 hours, the Ole Lake Farm goat population has doubled!

Saturday, April 10, 2021. Poppy's tentative due date based on some breeding activity observed and noted on the calendar last November. Mid-afternoon I observed that she was carrying her tail very high. At chore time she was definitely nesting - pawing the bedding, laying down, getting up, repeat. At that point she had no discharge of any kind and I felt it really could be hours yet. I fenced her into just part of the doe area, provided her with her own fresh water, more bedding and hay. Chores done, I went to the house and mixed up some pizza dough and kneaded it. No more than twenty or twenty-five minutes later with the dough rising, I went back to check on her.

Surprise! Two kids on the ground and trying to stand already! Poppy's first birthing experience and I missed it!

A doeling and a buckling - no names yet.

Okay, so two kids do not double the goat population. How about two more?

Today, Kevin and I took a road trip to pick up Daisy, our new doe who you read about last post. Well, a week or two ago we decided to purchase her sister Belle as well.

Long-time herd queen, Her Highness, Vinca is not amused.

Belle and Daisy are confused and unhappy right now and who can blame them but fortunately they have each other in this new home and they will soon settle in.

Back into the milking routine!

You will be seeing more posts on this site now that it's spring, probably weekly again so come back soon. Until then, be well friends!

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