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Moving Day and August (oops) September Farm Update

Yep, still here. Still very busy so again it's been quite a while since our last blog post - Sorry!

I use to regularly have a picture of the view from the milking stand. The milking stand is now in our new milking room so the view isn't so interesting. How about a view from the hayshed instead?

I have to climb up to the rafters on a daily basis to look for eggs that the naughty hens are laying there. I usually find one or two.

It's a prickly scramble, enjoyable as a child, not so fun as an adult wearing shorts on a hot day!

The lads (male goats) and the pigs regularly get moved to new ground. Usually we alternate weekends for this but last Sunday was a big moving day- we moved the lads, the little lads (kids) and the pigs.

The pigs love to get new ground to root up.

Here is a closer look at one of them. They have grown a lot!

And an even closer look at that wirey hair.

The little lads and Bluebell enjoyed their move too. They especially like trimming the overhanging leaves.

Birch and Tamarack are in a brushy area; they make short work of the shrubby foliage.

You may recall from our last post that we had a surprise batch of chicks. One of them was kind of a different color. Those chicks are pretty big now and that chick is still quite different from the rest. He's a rather elusive chap, rarely seen during the day. I got this photo at night when he came in to roost.

There have been two more surprise batches of chicks since that last post. Both of the hens presented us with ten chicks! Both hens have both lost a couple of their chicks and now have eight each.

Above is a few weeks ago.

And the above photo is what they look like now.

Also since our last post grain has been harvested and straw has been baled. Yields were not what we would have hoped for due to the drought. Garlic has been harvested too and it is very good. The farmers market in Aitkin continues to be very successful and keeps us busy with the soap making tasks and grain cleaning and grinding.

Happy Labor Day to everyone - enjoy this last holiday of summer and the upcoming fall. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post and until next time, be well friends!

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1 Comment

Chip Borkenhagen
Chip Borkenhagen
Sep 05, 2023

So fun to see the changes happening there. Thank you for sharing!!!

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