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Moving on in May

May moves fast, doesn't it? Rhubarb and Asparagus jump out of the ground, trees sport beautiful blossoms and then they are gone. Eggs become chicks and those tiny baby goats become robust youngsters almost ready to wean!

The first batch of chicks hatch - adorable as always.

Such a beautiful hen, isn't she? This picture does make me a little sad though as all five of these chicks have been lost to a predator. We have had mostly good luck protecting our poultry but somehow these little ones got separated from their mama one night and that was the end of them. I share the experience with you because the reality is that farm life has it's ups and it's downs.

Meanwhile, two other hens are sitting on batches of eggs and the purchased Rhode Island Red chicks have reached that kind of unattractive stage before becoming fully feathered. The odd thing about these six youths is that they have not ventured outside yet even though they are free to do so and have been for three weeks or more!

The goat kids are growing so fast! It's hard to believe they are almost eight weeks old. Soon it will be time to move them to separate housing for weaning. They have already become accustomed to be being separated from their moms at night so I can milk each morning. The does do not seem to mind the break!

The kids have found a weak place in the pasture fence where they can squeeze under. We haven't worried too much about it as they do not venture very far from their mums but on Saturday, three of them got pretty adventurous! They went all the way around the outside of the fence (becoming covered in cockleburs in the process) and came around to the hayshed where they had a wonderful time playing on the hay. Eventually they missed the rest of the flock and stood at the top yelling for a rescue.

On Mothers Day it was such a beautiful day that we were able to take our traditional tractor and trailer ride through the woods and have a picnic. Kevin and Kori took the opportunity to plant some trees.

Pigs have arrived!

Planting is done for the most part. Here Rollie rides the old corn planter back and forth behind Kevin.

And that is what we are up to around here. Market season has arrived so every Saturday our canopy opens up in the Tractor Supply Parking lot in Aitkin. The first two weeks have been great!

With that, we thank you for stopping into our blog to catch up. Until next time, be well friends!

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