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Our Summer Vacation

Both of us were on vacation from our town jobs last week.

Kevin was off to scout camp with the troop.

They went to the Black Hills - a longer trip than they usually do. The actual camp was a disappointment when compared to many of the scout camps that they have been to here in Minnesota and in Wisconsin but the scouts and adult chaperones had a good time anyway and visited a lot of the popular places in the area such as Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial, the Mammoth site, Wind Cave and more. A highlight for Kevin was taking a short helicopter ride with a couple of his senior scouts.

Here at home I did a little visiting, made a couple batches each of soap and lotion and let Spot out and back in about 120 times - maybe more than that.

I dug the rest of the garlic - the garage now smells like a pizza factory. I will start hanging it next weekend.

It's still dry so spent a fair bit of time watering the garden. The melons are overflowing their circle and I can see some little fruits coming along.

Pumpkins and tomatoes are coming along too!

Picked the last of the peas and the beginning of the cucumbers and raspberries.

I got to know the pigs better this week - they love lambs quarters just as much as their pig rations.

And watched the poultry get bigger.

Since the kids left last Monday, Poppy and I have been figuring out our milking routine. Her udder and teats are completely different from the other does so it's been an adjustment. She is doing well with it although she does run out of patience with me toward the end.

It was a busy week. Thank you for letting us share it with you. Until next time, be well friends.

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