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Pigs Arrive!

Six lively pigs arrived on Wednesday. They were shy at first but are warming up to Kevin already. They know who brings the food!

They have two troughs of food but they haven't figured out yet that they don't all have to crowd into the same one.

Here is the latest View from the Milking Stand. That is Daisy's tail on the right! Notice how gold the field is out there!

The little turkeys are growing so fast! Here is a closer picture.

It's just amazing how fast birds mature. The six chicks from the first hatch just look like small chickens now. This one (I think) is a pullet.

And I am pretty sure this one is a cockerel. None of them are crowing yet but the lads have a certain swagger and bigger feet.

The six from the second batch are completely feathered now.

And the latest singleton has quite a few feathers already.

It is hot. The hens are spending a lot of time in the shade of the pole shed.

The goats are mostly staying in too, but do get out in the pasture to graze and lay in the cool dirt on this mound - this used to be a pile of stumps, sticks and brush but has deteriorated down to mostly dirt. Here Vinca and Belle have prime spots.

The last of the hay was baled on Saturday - it sure feels good to have an adequate supply under cover. The really good news is that there were NO BREAKDOWNS!

The forecast is calling for rain and cooler tomorrow - much needed and very welcome. Until the next post, be well friends!

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