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Pigs in Training

It's amazing how fast the pigs are plowing up the corn stubble for us! We could move them to a new patch of ground every day or two if we had the time but we don't so they get moved once a week instead.

The tractor pulls the shelter to a new spot and the pigs follow along. Helpers hold the fence upright so the pigs don't take any side trips.

Once in the new spot they get right to work finding the subterranean treats!

The pigs also enjoy fruit and veggie treats - here they are noshing on some discarded lettuce from our local grocery store. It's so nice that we are allowed to take home boxes of bruised or outdated produce for livestock feed instead of it going to the dumpster! What the pigs do not eat will just decompose in the field and add some nourishment to the soil.

They don't like everything they are offered but these grapes were a hit!

Since there are eight of them, they will soon need more space. Kevin is training them to respect an electric wire. This will make moving them easier and will allow us to make their portable paddocks more spacious.

At five weeks old the goat kids are so getting big. They really enjoy getting outside with their moms. Here is Daisy with both of her kids and Poppy's two.

Little Vinca strikes a pose!

Kevin is impatiently waiting for the fields to dry out enough to get the oats planted. Here he started discing in a cover crop of rye but had to stop - the soil was just too moist. The green material will decompose and add fertility to the soil.

The wheat that was planted last fall is greening up the field adjacent to where the oats will go.

Thank you for stopping by the blog to see what we are up to here at Ole Lake Farm. We should have some baby chicks to show you with the next post - hope so anyway! Until next time, be well friends!

That's all folks!

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