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Preparing for Winter - November Farm Update

Greetings all from Ole Lake Farm! The seasonal wheel keeps spinning and our surroundings are a little less colorful these days - but we have no significant snow yet, thank goodness.

The view from the hayshed reveals some housing changes.

The pigs have have their final move. They are close to the barn for easier feeding and watering chores and to provide an electric hook-up for their icefree water container. They have two huts now that they have gotten so big. They will be with us until January.

There have been some changes with goat housing too. First Birch moved in with the does and little Vinca moved in with Uncle Tamarack in a new enclosure close to the hayshed. The other kids joined them and the area was renamed The Daycare. Kevin moved a wagon in for them to jump in and out of for fun and excercise.

Belle joined them after a couple of weeks because after having done her duty with Birch and hopefully getting pregnant, she was getting pushed around a lot by him and spent most of her time just trying to get away. You may recall that she had an injury about this time last year, probably obtained while trying to avoid Birch and we did not want a repeat of that. She comes out to get milked every morning but otherwise seems pretty content with her temporary life in The Daycare. She is reunited with her daughter Bluebelle who fortunately is now finally weaned.

There are changes in the chicken yard too. Twelve roosters have been re-housed in the old Summer Coop and no longer get to free range. They will be moving on to their ultimate destination (the freezer) pretty soon. There are still a few smallish youngsters from the last two hatches of chicks that have not definitively declared their gender so there could be a couple more. A few pullets have been sold as we have too many to house over the winter in the main coop.

I like how the pullets are shaping up.

Wood cutting has begun although not in earnest as it is still deer hunting season. Kevin will provide a report on that in a follow-up blog soon.

Fall and holiday markets have begun and I have been keeping busy making products. We were sad to lose our retail outlet in Aitkin when Green Owl Gallery closed but there is good news, we are in a new Aitkin store, just opened, My Crafts and Things.

Thank you for stopping by the blog, we really appreciate your interest in our farm doings! Until next time, be well friends!

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