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September's Closing Act

I am back with a post a little earlier than planned - just wanting to share the beauty of fall I guess.

Hoover and I got out for a short walk in the woods on Sunday - so nice without the deer flies!

We ran across these nice folks out at the scout camp site. Joel, who works with the U of M Regional Sustainable Development Partnership and Kelly who he recruited to help were collecting tree seed from our property. Other farmers will be working with the RSDP to raise tree seedlings. It's an exciting project!

Sunday was moving day for the pigs and the goat lads. The pigs have moved up near the pole barn where they will remain until meeting their final destiny. They really are enjoying playing porKing on the Mountain while tearing down composting manure pile!

Tamarack and Birch are now closer to the barn too; this will be their winter quarters although Vinca and Birch will be switching places for a while in November so Birch can spend some quality time with Echo and Poppy.

I caught the three tom turkeys in full display. The two on the left are this year's poults next to their dad, Big Tom.

They've grown a bit since April!

I hope you have enjoyed this little peak into our life here at Ole Lake Farm! I will be back in a couple of weeks with a new post. Until then, be well friends.

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