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Signs of Spring, Piglets and Goat Kids Update

We certainly are enjoying the current warm weather in our area but wow - it sure is windy! Hold on to your feathers Don Julio!

Inside the coop one of the Buffys is sitting on eggs. While most of our hens are Ole Lake Reds - born right here on the farm, we do have four Buff Orpingtons that were gifted to us. I call them all Buffy.

Almost all of the snow is gone leaving puddles and temporary ponds. With the sunny and windy weather they are drying up fast but Hoover enjoys them while he can.

We've been getting out to the woods for our walks and found that the ramps are up! I haven't harvested any yet.

In the greenhouse the lettuce is looking good and little tomato and peppers plants are growing. If you look close you can see a lot of tiny green plants coming up around the bigger lettuces. Those are self-sown baby lettuces!

The rhubarb and garlic are off to a good start! We mulch the garlic with straw after planting and this year it matted down badly due to the very heavy wet snow we had. I gently pulled some off in places to release some trapped plants. They will be fine I think. In one small area we tried using wild rice hulls for a mulch instead. The trial is a success and we will using those for mulching garlic from now on, provided that the wild rice hulls are available.

The piglets have moved out of the coop to a portable pasture shelter and paddock. Kevin hung out with them for a while while they experienced the great outdoors!

They settled in quickly and know the routine - when the people come out, there is probably food!

The goat kids are growing quickly and also are enjoying the outdoor world.

The doelings were finding out how sticks taste!

Thank you for coming by the blog! We will be back soon, until then be well friends!

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