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Snowy February

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

For a short month, this February has seemed like a long one in some ways. Mainly it's been the cold - we are so over having below zero temps! And you could say we've had a bit of snow around here too. While inconvenient at times, it will go a long way to replenishing the dry conditions that resulted from last summer's lack of moisture.

The work of firewood harvesting and storage continues. Below Kurt and Rollie are working in the buzz sawing area. They take the smaller lengths of wood - those that will not need to be split, and quickly cut them up with the buzz saw.

Here comes Kevin back to the house with a load. That's Rollie following in Bob.

This past weekend was a nice one - Hoover and I got out to woods to walk. On Sunday Kevin joined us and we let Hoover off-leash. He normally does not get this opportunity since he will chase anything that moves and we just cannot have him chasing deer. Now though, the deer are keeping to the deeper woods and if he tries to go off the logging roads he is in for an exhausting slog in the deep snow. Here he struggles to get back over the snowbank.

He was so happy to get to run. He was a pretty worn out dog by the time we got home though!

There are a few deer trails out there, but not many.

I shoveled out the little chicken door so Poncho and the hens could get outside after weeks of being cooped up in the coop. They didn't exactly flock (ha!) out the door but many of them did make their way out to the hayshed for a little scratching and sunbathing.

The hens are enjoying the longer days too. They have finally started laying more than a couple of eggs per day. Now we are getting up to ten per day. Even Rocky the Americauna who is at least five or six years old is contributing an egg now and then.

Birch is entertaining guests. Maggie and Elsie have come to "boyfriend camp" again.

Soap making continues as I rebuild my depleted inventory. I ordered supplies the other day and found that everything I usually order has gone up in price. No surprise I guess. I have been putting off raising my prices but will have to do so soon.

I spent part of February in warm and mostly sunny Mexico. I won't put a lot of photos of that here but will close with a picture taken from the beach. I could just sit there and look at that beautiful blue and listen to the waves for hours. And I did.

Thank you for stopping by the blog - I will be back soon with a new post - probably within a couple of weeks if I can get Daisy, Belle and Poppy to cooperate and let me get some good photos of them. Until next time, be well friends!

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