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Spot - A Memorial For A Much Loved Cat

Written by guest blogger Kori Flowers

The front deck is so empty now. Spot has moved on to sunnier locales and warmer haylofts, to somewhere she can be young again.

From the day we brought her home it was obvious she was a special cat, and not just because of her unique markings. Her queenly air made it clear that the farm was under her rule, no one else's. She survived a close call with some sort of predator- possibly an owl- with no ill effects. Her fur was luxuriously thick and incredibly soft. She loved to ride on people's shoulders, even when I was younger and zooming around on my scooter. She would ride along with incredible balance and purring up a storm.



She loved the smell of hay and could be found sleeping on bales before they were even unloaded from the trailers. She constantly sought out the best napping places and in cool weather always sought one closest to a heat source‒ or directly on top of the heater. In the winter she was rarely outside of the (heated) shop. In warmer weather she was most often found snoozing in the sun.

On the back of the bailer

In the garden

Squeezed on top of the heater in the shop with her best friend Lily

For most of her life she was not a housecat. Her home base was the shop and the surrounding area. As a senior cat she moved into the house and enjoyed life there. Her squeaky meow somehow grew more powerful with age, even as she slowed down and stopped riding on shoulders.

I'm glad she had a nice long life and a retirement filled with warm corners and fresh goat milk. She was the sweetest kitty in the world, and I'm happy to have spent so much time with her, but I'm still so sad that she's gone.

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