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Spring Things

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

I've heard more than one person say that since spring got off to a late start this year, we might just jump right in to summer. I hope not - there is a lot to enjoy about spring now that it's here!

Since our last post, we have had quite a bit of rain so the goats spent more time indoors.

Belle and Lavender

And not just rain - some nasty storms affected most of our state. We had some pretty amazing clouds last week!

Sadly, there was wind damage in town at the fairgrounds and on some farms across the area. We did not experience much damage here although a large tree came down across one of the logging roads.

Just snapped off - the power of nature is an awesome thing.

The woods are really greening up now.

And the spring flowers are beginning to bloom.

We checked up on our small ramp patch. We haven't eaten any yet - we can't take too many so we are waiting for the asparagus as they are soooo good when sautéed together.

It won't be long now!

The last few days have been beautiful. The goat kids have a lot of fun out on the "playground".

So far Lavender is the queen of the doghouse roof.

Most of the does' milk goes to the kids but Poppy has been suppling us as well. Her buckling likes to come out to the milking stand with her and explore the area - including her grain portion.

Kevin is finally able to start working the fields. He will be planting this field for a hay crop.

And what would spring be without baby chicks on the farm. Our first batch of Ole Lake Reds has hatched.

Two more hens are setting.

That's our update! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Until next time, be well friends!

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