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Stormy Weather

We really needed rain, but did it have to come all at once?

Wednesday evening we had quite a storm - high winds, hail, LOTS of rain and a tornado not too far away. We did retreat to the basement for a while. Thank goodness we did not lose power as some folks did.

We really didn't do too bad for it - some shredded lettuce in the garden, banged up chard, and some prostrate corn.

We didn't worry too much about the corn. We have had corn completely flat on the ground stand itself back up again and that is what happened with this corn. Here it is just a few days later. Much of the field has started tasseling now.

With the storm we have also gotten a break from the oppressive heat and humidity. It's still plenty warm - in the low 80's, but comparatively speaking that is pretty comfortable. As I write this we are again under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch - hopefully it won't be bad.

Out in the garden, it seems like many things are behind. I don't know what's going on with the tomatoes, there just aren't many fruit on the plants yet. I was happy to find the first edible size cucumber though and the lettuce that was protected by a shade covering is looking very nice.

The oats is ripening and will be ready to harvest soon.

This post needs some critter pictures - here is Mama Hen 3 and her chicks. They are always delightful to watch!

And Rocky - she is one of my most beautiful hens but I have had a hard time catching a good photo of her.

Last, Poppy and Vinca, daughter and mother lounging in the shed again.

Until next time, be well friends.

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