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The Cat Days of Summer

While not as pretty as a spring or fall sunrise, the view from the milking stand on Sunday morning still made me happy as the sun lit up the field.

It seems like summer is on the downhill slide. The weather continues dry (much too dry) and warm (a little too warm) and the trees have that dull look that precedes their color change. I thought we must be in the Dog Days of summer so I looked it up and learned that (according to the Farmer's Almanac) the Dog Days of summer are already done. I also learned the designation of July 3 to August 11 as the dog days has nothing to do with dogs at all but is about where the stars are - in particular Sirius, the dog star which is part of the constellation Canis Major. This illustration is from the Farmer's Almanac website.

So I decided that at our place at least, it is the Cat Days of summer. These are the days when you want nothing more than to just lay around and be lazy. If you are cat anyway.

Roye demonstrates while waiting for me to give her some delicious goat's milk.


and Rusty, when he's not hiding out, waiting for the next gopher to come along

stretches out in the shade.

Remember the first batch of tiny fluffy chicks, hatched back in May? Of those first little ones, two of them are strutting cockerels. This one in particular is rather obnoxious. He is constantly chasing the hens around.

His brother is not as mature yet.

The pigs are really growing fast too.

Today they enjoyed a mud puddle at mid-day. Ahhh

Thank you for stopping by the blog. Until next time, be well friends!

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I love your blog I get that up north feel.

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