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The Power of Kitty Treats

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Welcome to the Ole Lake Farm blog - we are glad you stopped by!

If you viewed our last post from January 1, you know we have two new shop kitties, Luna and Waffle. Waffle was having a difficult time adjusting to her new life here and would not let us near her, in fact, we seldom saw her and then only by peering into her hidey holes.

Our good news is, she is out!

As you can guess by the title of this post, it was the kitty treats that coaxed her out. They must be some kind of good because now when we come out in the morning she demands them! She still keeps herself mainly to the back wall storage area and seems to feel safe up there by the ceiling - that's about 12 feet I think. She will allow a cuddle now and then.

Notice the extra toes?

Luna has gotten comfortable with shop life. Her favorite place seems to be the tractor seat.

This is my favorite picture of her so far - such a pretty girl!

One of our other cats, Rusty lives in the house but loves to be outdoors when the weather allows. He is a very keen hunter.

He may be hunting these. We have a small group of morning doves overwintering here. I had to look this up as we thought they migrated. Most of them do but sometimes a few will stay - most males.

A big change this month was the departure of the pigs. They are all in our freezers and those of our customers now which makes choretime considerably easier and mealtime delicious.

Weekends, if it's not too bitterly cold find the guys out in the woods again. Earlier this month Kevin took down this massive five trunked oak. As you can see from the stump, it was dying. This tree was once home to a basic tree stand - the remnants lay discarded near the stump. Things were not so cushy back in the day as they are now!

My weekends are busy with making soap, replenishing my supply which was depleted by the holidays. This is ten pounds of Shampoo Bars in the making.

Hoover and I do try to get out to the woods for a walk - when it's not too nasty out. We love getting out there no matter what the season!

The days are getting longer and the does are getting rounder. Sorry, no doe-belly pictures. I tried to get some but the ladies just were not very cooperative Hopefully next time. The does are not due until the first week of April so they aren't too big yet anyway.

Thanks for stopping in for a farm update. Until next time, be well friends.

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